Cosecha Earth Bag- Satchel for Women

Full view of Satchel for Women

Cosecha- Earth Bags

Cosecha (spanish for harĀ·vest): a) The act or process of gathering b) The result or consequence of an activity c) To extract from a culture to create. Cosecha uses recycled, organic, biodegradable materials to create beautiful and useful messenger bags and different,unique types of shoulder bags.Since no coffee sack is the same, neither are Cosecha-Earth Bags, which makes each bag unique and different.

Jamie Kimak

I am currently a student and fibers major, where I work with various mediums involving textiles.With Cosecha, I am able to gather various materials such as Burlap sacks and other self made textiles and reinvent them through different projects I work on and develop. All of this allows me to produce unique, sustainable, trendy bags for anyone to enjoy!