The "Cleopatra" Necklace


Notoire silhouette necklaces take the traditional art of the lady-like, Victorian papercut and give it a chic update for today's modern woman. Historically hip, the necklaces feature silhouettes of some of history's most notorious ladies. Notoire captures the spirit of the independent women in all of us who is strong, intelligent and a little bit badass while always acting the part of a lady.

Lindi Biery

I'm Lindi Biery, an Oklahoman at heart, I currently reside in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm a sophmore at the Maryland Institute College of Art, where I am working on a degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Literary Studies. I am deeply inspired by the ill-behaving historical women whom I love to read about and I aspire to a similar level of badass-ery. Check out my shop at!